Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sick of being sick

I am so tired of this...and tired from this virus that I have.  I totally got it in my office, most likely from my boss.  I have the same exact thing as another girl in the office.  It made me feel better to hear that she is completely exhausted and weak too.  I told my mom how tired I was and she asked if I was eating.  Speaking of eating, I've managed to gain back some of that weight I lost.  I'm still hoping Charro will forget to weigh me on Friday, but I probably won't be that lucky.

Against my better judgement, and Charro's "suggestion," I went to the gym this morning.  I was dying.  I only last 30 minutes, but I was dying after 10 minutes.  I shouldn't be going, I know that, but I thought I felt a little better this morning.  You know the saying, "neck and below, don't go."  Of course the cold is completely in my chest, so I should not have gone.  I was talking to this one woman who told me that my face looked really thin.  She is not someone I ever speak to.  I said, "I know, I've lost some weight over the past week."  I'm trying to eat more.  Of course I just keep craving salad, but my salads were pretty fattening.  Of course I really shouldn't be eating too much salad with my colitis.  Oh well.  I'm feeling okay in that sense.

I have to take my cat back to the vet for more bloodwork.  He's really going to hate me.  He hissed at me 3 times yesterday.  I have to take his food away at 8 PM tonight because he has to get it drawn fasting.  That will be $400 spent on said cat this week.  The result will show that he either has cancer or nothing.  Awesome.  Great!  If he has cancer, I'm not going to do anything for him because he's 17 and acting fine right now.  If his excess calcium is due to old age, then that's good.  Ugh, poor little guy.  He's gotta go in his carrier twice tomorrow.  He's really going to hate me.

I should eat dinner but I'm not hungry.  So much for trying to eat well, or better.

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