Monday, February 10, 2014

Seriously, enough already

It's a balmy 25 degrees outside, but it "feels like" 13.  Awesome.  Is it EVER going to warm up.  I was planning on walking to my sesh with Charro but now I'm not so sure.  Seriously, I can't take this winter anymore.  I'm glad I escaped it for a week, but please, go away winter!

I had my party yesterday and now I'm left with some leftovers.  I made soup and ended up not even eating any because I was full.  I know if I told Charro that I fed everyone else and didn't eat that she would greatly disapprove and then say "If you want to be eating disordered."  I'm sorry, I was full and not going to force food down my throat.  If I told her that she would say, "You can't trust your hunger cues."  Yes I can.  I know exactly when I'm hungry and when I'm not, so I hate when she says that.  It's  not like I didn't eat and said I was full.  I had eaten appetizers and was full.  It happens.  I hate that she assumes things about me.  I just realized on Friday that she thinks I sit around and count every calorie, which I do not.  I've told her in the past that I don't do that anymore, but apparently she doesn't believe me.  When she asked if I would ever eat 2,000 calories, I said "no," but I told her I don't count.

My stomach is starting to peel. It's all down hill from here.  The flake has begun. :(

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