Friday, February 28, 2014

No WIF today

So Charro didn't weigh me today.  I told her that I lost 3 pounds in the past week and she was like, "That's a lot of weigh to lose in a week."  I said, "I know, but I know it was in the past week because I weighed myself last week."  She said, "I'm not going to weigh you today, but I'll weigh you next week and you BETTER be 103!!"  I don't think that's really going to happen, but maybe she won't weigh me.  She keeps saying she's going to weigh me and then doesn't, which is fine, but either do it or don't.

We are having lunch on Monday, during the major snow storm that we'll be having.  I told her that I wish I had skis so I can ski down there.  She agreed that that would be fun.  What will not be fun will be drinking the damn juice that she is going to make me drink.  Good times.

I told her how I well I was eating this week but she's still hung up on my weight.  Then, after she said I need to be 103, she went on to say that if I want to weigh 97 pounds then I can, but she doesn't think it's good for me.  So, I'm not really sure what's going on in her head because it seems like she's contradicting herself.  I don't know.

I am feeling a little better, but still feeling a little crappy.

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