Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My story, in a book

We're going to get a big storm tonight-Friday morning.  I'm guessing that Charro will not be at work on Friday, but I don't know.  If schools are closed, she's closed.  I actually have some good stuff to talk to her about, so I'm hoping she's there.  Actually, I'd be totally fine if she wasn't and we did a Skype sesh.  That way I wouldn't have to leave my cozy apartment.  I guess I'll find out on Friday morning.  I don't want to do a phone sesh, I want to do a Skype sesh.

I'm freezing, I need to make some tea.  I've been waiting for a client to call me but I have a feeling that I won't hear from him.  I can't stray too far from the office because I need to see him.

My friend, a psychologist, wrote a book about EDs.  My story is in it.  I had written this many years ago and couldn't remember what I wrote.  Well, she sent me the snippet from the book of "my story" and it was so weird to read.  It was like reading about a different person.  Reading that made me realize how far I've come, which is a good thing.  The only thing that bothers me is that I'm categorized as EDNOS, or whatever the new name for it is.  I feel like it's not a real ED at all.  She begs to differ, but that's how I'll always see it.  It's like I failed (not that that's a bad thing) at being anorexic, I only managed to be almost anorexic, which means that I just wasn't good enough to do it.  I need to discuss this with Charro on Friday too.  On the other hand, it's good that I was never bad enough to be hospitalized.  As my friend pointed out, if I was any more symptomatic, everyone would have known that I had an ED.  

So she sent the manuscript to Charro to get a professional quote about it.  I told Charro to see if she could pick out my story, which after reading it, she will have absolutely no problem doing, since there is one major give away in there.  

I did something weird to my knee last night.  I just fell on it funny I guess, while playing field hockey.  It will be fine, but I tweaked something on the outside.  Oh well.

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