Monday, February 10, 2014

Form fitting

I've been told by Charro that I need to wear form fitting, aka tight, clothing to all of my sesh's from now on.  I wore this sweater dress today that I love, well, I love it more off of me because I feel so huge when I wear it.  I feel like I look 9 months pregnant when I wear it because it hugs my stomach.  I feel like my ass is huge and then it's a little shorter than I would like, so my ham thigh show.  Clearly I was complaining about it during my sesh and that's when she told me that I have to wear tight things from now on.  She said that I'm supposed to have a body and that women are supposed to have skin and fat and that we're not supposed to be bones.  Well, skin is fine, but I don't want fat...and I like bones.  Blah.

Oh, it was funny.  I got there early today so I was going to stand downstairs for a few minutes before going up and buzzing her.  Well, there were 9 million people waiting for the extremely slow elevator so I was going to wait for the next one anyway.  I plopped my butt down on the heating pipes and then Charro walked in.  She goes, "What are you doing?"  I said, "Trying to get warm."  She goes, "Did you walk here?"  I said, "I did not."  She thought I said that I had and she goes, "That's why you shouldn't walk here."  I said "I didn't walk her."  This was in the elevator full of people. :)  

When I walked in she goes, "You're all dressed up, do you have a date?"  I wasn't really dressed up, but I'm usually in jeans so I guess wearing a sweater dress seems dressed up.

I can weigh myself tomorrow.  I haven't weighed myself in three weeks.  I know Charro's going to try and get me to not weigh myself again for Lent.  Either that or she will make me give her my heart rate monitor.  Well, I guess she can't make me give it to her.

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