Thursday, February 20, 2014

Elbows and cute cats

I got whacked in the elbow with a field hockey stick the other night.  It hurt like a beast for about 45 seconds, then it was okay.  It's that initial pain of getting hit directly on the know you're not injured but you know that you need about 60 seconds before that intense pain goes away.  The good things is that you know you're not seriously injured, just in a pain for a minute.  

Charro tomorrow.  Let's hope she doesn't weigh me.  I have to pick out a "tight" shirt to wear.  (My cat's stomach just made a funny noise).  I do not want my rolls to be falling out everywhere, it will disgust me.  I am really not looking forward to this lunch on Monday.  I still don't understand why I have to drink juice.  What's the point in getting calories from a liquid, unless that liquid is acting as your meal.  To me, it's not okay to just drink calories.  What's that point?   What a waste of calories.  The only time I drink calories if it's my snack (a rare hot chocolate) or if it's a meal (protein shake).  I don't want to waste my calories on a liquid, which is a major reason why I do not drink alcohol.

My cat was SOO cute last night.  I hadn't seen him for two days.  I crawled into bed and he came and laid next to me and put his head on my head and that's how we fell asleep.  What a cute little stinky!  I love him.

Sad news, I did not win powerball.

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