Thursday, February 13, 2014

Been a while for crazy dreams

I had some crazy dreams last night, one was cool and the other was not.  Let's start with the cool one.  I was sitting around the table with some friends and all of a sudden I started doing a mash up of songs.  Well, they joined in and it was cool.  The only song I remember mashing up is Eternal Flame by the Bangles.  Ha.

The other dream, was not so cool.  I was walking to my sesh and was walking west down the street two blocks from Charro's street.  I saw my field hockey coach, who was my therapist in my dream, walking towards me.  I said, "Oh, are we going to have a sesh in the park?"  She said "No, we're going in here," and we walked into a restaurant.  It was 10 minutes before our sesh was supposed to start, so we started early and were going on a surprise lunch sesh.  She said, "I was about to text you to tell you to meet me here instead of at the office."  We went upstairs and sat down at a round table top.  The place was pretty crowded.  The waiter came over and she ordered two turkey sandwiches for us.  I looked at her and said, "I don't eat turkey."  She didn't care.  So, we chatted for a few and then our sandwiches showed up.  It was just on plain white bread.  I opened it up and the meat inside was pink with some weird things on it.  It was just a slab of meat and nothing else.  I didn't know if the turkey was raw or if it was ham.  I figured out that it was ham and turkey.  I picked the ham out without her seeing and I sat there.  The waiter brought out this other meal, sort of like a salad, it was just veggies and stuff for the most part, and plopped it on the table.  Neither of us had ordered it but I said, "I'll eat that, you can keep it here."  She was like, "No, you're eating your sandwich."  I didn't want to eat my sandwich because I don't eat meat.  We sat there for a while, she ate and I may have taken a bite of the sandwich, but I wasn't feeling it at all.  I wanted to eat the veggie platter salad thing.  I don't know what happened next but we got up and left and for some reason I left her, not realizing that I was supposed to go back to her office with her.  She never said anything to me, but then I realized that I should go to her office because my sesh wasn't done.  So, I went to her office and walked in and there was a psychologist from my town in one of the offices.  I was hoping she didn't recognize me from the gym at home.  Then my coach (therapist) came out and brought me into her office.  In her office was her mom, mother-in-law, and some strange black lady named "Queenie" dressed is some gold get up.  She introduced me to her mother-in-law, then said, "you remember my mom," as I shook her hand.  I said, "That was a weird shake," and then to Queenie.  They sat me down and Queenie started talking about lunch, I guess my coach had filled them in, and was giving me my treatment options.  She asked if I really wanted to get better.  They were talking about sending me someone, all expenses paid (sort of like a talk show) and I had to decide right then and there.  That's when I woke up.   

Charro's going to have a field day with that dream tomorrow.  

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