Monday, February 17, 2014

A nutty sesh

Charro was on fire today.  She told me that from now on I must wear tight fitting clothes, or clothes that make me uncomfortable, I guess is what she said.  Blah.  We talked about a lot of stuff but she said she was going to buzz me everytime I said some eating disordered.  Then she decided that she was going to go buy the "bull shit" button and bring it in.  I'm holding her to that.

We're having lunch on Monday.  She's ordering and I'm picking it up.  She is also bringing me a calorie filled drink.  I asked her what kind but she wouldn't tell me.  She said I have to drink the whole thing, no excuses, and eat my whole lunch.  Then she said, "After, you should go get some cioccolata calda (Italian hot chocolate) for dessert.  I responded with, "I'll be lucky if I eat dinner that night."  She said, "If you don't eat dinner I'm firing you."  I said, "What!?"  She said,  "Yeah, if you don't eat dinner then we have a serious problem.  I shouldn't have used your word 'fire.'"  I asked if she would really "fire" me and she said that she wouldn't.  Phew.  I told her how I probably won't freak out about lunch until after I leave her office, and then said, "Why can't I freak out here?  I wish it would happen while I was here instead of after I leave."  She said, "You're not allowed to freak out here."  I looked at her with this face and said, "I'm not allowed to freak out?"  She said, "No, you are."  I think she meant something different.  Oh dear.

So it was funny, she is very, very scared of bugs.  Well, the sun shines into her office and casts shadows.  Well, my arm was causing a shadow and it moved so I could tell the she freaked for a second, like stopped breathing.  She told me that she thought she saw a bug.  Well then, she took her glasses off a few minutes later and jumped because she thought she saw it again, in the same spot.  I laughed at her.  She told me to stop moving my arm.  I didn't even know what she was talking about.  It was a nutty sesh, but we got a lot done.  She also apologized for being "mean" but I said that I like when she's mean.

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