Monday, January 13, 2014

Very productive sesh

I had a really good sesh with Charro today.  I ran there, and the brisk air felt kind of nice, if I actually do admit that.  When I got to the park near her office, there was a guy playing the piano.  I stretched to that.  I didn't have any money to give him so I just went up and talked to him and told him how much I enjoyed listening to him.  I've seen him in there before.  He's actually kind of cute.  I might have to look for him again next Monday, maybe looking a little nicer than I did today.  I almost got up to sing with him but I didn't know the words to the song he was playing.  He was really good.  I will google him.

Anyway, I wore my leggings...and two very long shirts.  Charro told me that I wasn't supposed to wear a "tent" over the leggings, but a short shirt.  She told me to take my t-shirt off and I said no way, because I was wearing a very tight underarmor long sleeve shirt.  She said it would be good for me to sit there in just my leggings and that tight shirt.  I said "No way!  Then you will see all of my rolls."  She said, "So what?"  I said, "I don't want to see my rolls, so I definitely don't want you to see them."  She's like "What do you think I'm going to do, judge you?"  Anyway, I ended up taking off my t-shirt in the end, with like 20 minutes left, and I wanted to die.  I felt so naked sitting there in my (basically) body suit.  It was awful.  She told me that I should go outside like that, then she realized that I would freeze.  I said, "Would you get on a train like this?" She said, "Yes."  She thought I'd get some good attention from guys.  I said, "They won't know if I'm walking forward or backward.  They'll think my head is on backwards." (referring to the fact that I have no boobs).  She said, "Stop, that's sad."  I'm like, "At least I can make fun of myself."

I was pretty honest with her today, talking about stuff that I thought over the weekend and then pretty much telling her that my eating kind of sucks.  She mentioned doing food logs again but I was like "no."  She didn't say that I had to do them, but I wouldn't be surprised if that gets reinstated sometime soon.  That will really suck.  I won't be surprised if she weighs me on Friday.  She said I had to wear a tight fitting shirt and pants on Friday.  I said, "I'm going to wear my WIF jeans."  She said, "You better not."  She told me that I really have to start wearing clothes that fit me.

Charro was talking about how she had a busy next few hours and if she didn't plan for lunch she wouldn't eat.  She said, "I have to travel...and have 50 million things to do."  I said, "You're not wearing jeans."  (It's a joke about how she wears jeans when she flies."  I pointed and said, "You're office neighbor is wearing jeans."  Charro said that she doesn't think that's innapropriate attire.  I agreed with her, then she said how it was nice, when she use to go to a male therapist to see him in a suit all the time.  I asked her if it was weird talking to a guy and she said that she liked it.  She said, "I'm going to send you to a guy next time I go away. Although, I don't think I'll have any more maternity leaves."  That's good to know!  I didn't think she'd have more kids anyway.

So, it was a very productive sesh.  Let's hope I don't clam up for our sesh on Friday.

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