Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Food Thing

I'm having a nice, lazy Sunday.  Went to the gym and now I'm cleaning and watching The Brady Bunch.  I'm excited because The Love Boat comes on at 2 PM.  I just had the second half of my sandwich from lunch yesterday, but I'm still hungry.  I don't know what to eat.  I need a personal chef.  That would make life so much easier.

Eating is hard for me because I never know what to make or eat.  Lots of times I can't figure out what I want, or I don't really have anything good to eat, so I just don't really eat, which clearly poses a problem.  I think lately I've been falling back into the not eating thing because it's not here.  I'll eat if I have food, usually.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend.  I was so full that I didn't eat dinner.  I had a sort of dinner later on at night, but I'm thinking Charro would not call it dinner, which is why I call it a sort of dinner.  I chose not   to eat, I guess.  I wasn't really hungry at dinner time and I was babysitting.  If I had dinner plans and was out with friends, I still wouldn't have been hungry but I would have ordered something and eaten some of it.  I was aware of my choice to not eat, I guess.  It's also hard right now because I'm taking anti-biotics and I have to take them on an empty stomach.  I take them at night and I have to take them 2-3 hours after eating and then wait an hour to eat again, if I get hungry.  That's the deal with that.

I've got issues, is what it really boils down to.  I need to eat something else right now but I'm not sure what.  I guess I should go look in my kitchen and see what there is.  I don't have eggs, that I know.

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