Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stayed in

I didn't leave my apartment today.  I just couldn't bare putting on 97 layers of clothes to go to the gym.  So, I was a lazy ass and did nothing.  I cleaned and sort of packed, and that was about it.  One more day of this crap until I'm in the warmth!  Thank God, I am about to go crazy.

Oh crap, I totally forgot I have to do a pros and cons list for Charro for tomorrow.  Shiites, I have nothing to write.  I guess I should stop and think for a bit.  I hate pros and cons lists.  I write about two for each side and then I'm done.  That's not going to fly.

I'd like my hamstring to get better but it is just getting worse.  Stupid muscle.  I did some stretching earlier, but I guess I'll do some more.  

I guess I should get to it...while I sort of watch the Grammy's, until some bad singer comes on and I turn Seinfeld back on.

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