Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So over it

I'm done!!  I over this cold weather.  I can NOT take it anymore.  It's awful and it's never ending.  Thank the Lord that I'm going away next week.  Please, oh please let it be hot there!!!  I'm going to cry if it's not.  I just want to run on the beach, collect shells, go boating, and lay out.  All I ask for is sunshine and warmth.  That's all.

I came back to my apartment and there was weird white stuff all over the floor.  I have no idea what it was.  It looked like paint.  My cat didn't step in anything because there were no paw prints.  My friend obviously stepped in it because her shoe prints were all over the place.  Mystery substance.  Yuck.

One of my co-workers made a weird comment to me today.  He's really tall, like 6'4" maybe, and I'm all of 5 feet, so he always comments about how little I am.  Today was weird though.  He was standing next to me and said he never noticed how little I am and said, "Didn't you use to be taller?  You look short and skinny." He then asked me if I was feeling okay and told me to stand up tall.  It was weird.  I think my posture wasn't great at the moment, and the sweater I was wearing makes me look weird because it's a turtle neck sweater.  Anyway, it was weird.

Everyone if my office is going away this month.  One went to Mexico, another's going to Arizona, I'm going to Florida...possibly the Bahamas for the Keys from there.  My boss has his own plane and if he's down there while I'm down there he said he'd fly me somewhere.  That would be sweet.  I've flown with him several times and I trust him.

The snow was so pretty, but it can be summer now.

I weighed myself while I was home.  I wasn't supposed to, but I did.  I'm supposed to have a different breakfast, I mean bagel, this week, but that's not happening.  I don't have milk for my cereal tomorrow, which is sad, so I'll have yogurt because I'm sure as hell not making a special trip outside to get milk.  That will be my "different" breakfast.  Charro's not really going to go for that but whatever.

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