Saturday, January 04, 2014

Putting away Christmas

My toe is swollen.  Good thing I'm going to the doctor on Thursday.  Might be a stress fracture.

My apartment is in complete disarray.  I need to put away the rest of my Christmas stuff.  Yesterday I tackled the tree, which caused quite a mess all over the place, including the lobby.  I made soup yesterday too.  I will have that for lunch.

I bought a few more Christmas things on sale at the drug store on my way home from class this morning.  I love sales.  I got a cute little snowman and Santa.  I love them.

I have to give my cat his meds.  I don't want to.  I guess I need to get on it though.  I hope I have treats for him.

It's sad to take down Christmas.  My apartment smells weird, unless someone is cooking something stinky and it's smelling up my apartment. 

I guess I should get up off of my ass and get some stuff done.

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