Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lots of fluids

It's funny how I'll come off of a good sesh like Monday's and feel like I have nothing to talk about for my sesh on Friday.  How does that happen?

I'm a little bit hungry but I just took medicine and I have to take it on an empty stomach, so no food for me.

I took my nephews out for dinner tonight, which was great.  I don't get to have them to myself all that much.  I see them a lot, but it was nice to take them out so the three of us could hang out.

My almost 17 year old cat has kidney disease.  I just gave him 200 mL of fluids and he's still drinking my water and his water.  That worries me a lot.  His water bowl was half empty when I got home tonight too.  Not good.  I wonder if my friend filled it.  I must ask.

I would like the hamstring that I pulled 6 months ago to get better, but I think it's actually just getting a little worse.  Its' not bad at all, but I feel it.  Oh well.  It will get better when I'm 100 and no longer walking.

Time for bed.

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