Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Injuries and such

It's hot today...17 degrees.  Yesterday it was -18 with the wind chill, when I walked to the train.  Brr.  I hate it.

Tomorrow is toe doctor day.  Now I'm convinced that my toe is fine and it's something stupid.  I hope that's the case, although I'd rather not look stupid.  I guess I'll find out in a day.

Last night some girl stepped on my foot/ankle while we were playing field hockey, so that's a little sore today.  It's like the back of my ankle and sort of up my calf, so I think it's more muscular than anything, like it go strained from going in the wrong direction while being stepped one.

Another girl, a high school girl was unconscious for over 2 hours after she collided with some girl.  Apparently they didn't even hit hard.  Both got up, then the one girl took a few steps and went down.  She was out for over 2 hours.  CT scan and all tests came back normal.  How freaking scary is that.  They'll probably release her from the hospital today.

I hope Charro doesn't weigh me on Friday.  I really hate this WIF business.  I couldn't have my "sticks" for breakfast today because we didn't have any at the house.  That was weird but I got through it.

I guess I should probably eat lunch because I have to leave in 25 minutes.  Looks like it's going to be a yogurt.  That's fun, but I'm not really hungry so no real need to eat too much.  Charro would most definitely disagree.

I feel like I have a lot to talk to Charro about on Friday.  I should probably write stuff down so I remember it.  

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