Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here we snow again

We're supposed to get about a foot of snow.  I don't really see how that's possible, given that it's 18 degrees and the flakes are incredibly small.  I was going to swing by my office, but the roads are getting a bit slick, so I thought I'd come home instead.  I think I'll do a puzzle later.

Charro said that I need to not weigh myself this week, and eat a bagel for breakfast.  Well, I don't really think either of those things are going to happen, if I'm being honest.  If I don't weigh myself today, I won't get to weigh myself for another three weeks.  I'm sure the world will not end, but I still want to weigh myself.

I'll have to start packing for my trip this weekend.  YAY!!  Enough said.

To the DB who commented on my post last night and then quickly deleted her profile...Grow some balls!  :)  I have a very fulfilling life, but choose to keep that all out of the blog world for privacy reasons.  It sounds like you, however, do not.  Good day. :)

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