Monday, January 06, 2014

Charro and the boot

So I was discussing my toe problem with Charro today and told her that I'm going to the doctor on Thursday to get it checked out.  My research suggests that it might be a stress fracture.  I've read that you can wear nothing for it, or get put in a boot.  So, I told Charro I'd freak if I was put in a boot.  Oh yeah, sometimes the bone (if it's what I think it is) has to be surgically removed.  So Charro said, "It would be really good if you had to wear a boot."  Thanks Charro.  She thinks it would be the best thing for me, psychologically.  I say no way to that.  She said that she'd love it if I had to wear a boot.  I don't think that would be so great.  Hopefully I will not and I can be free.  I'll find out on Thursday, I guess.  Oh, I also said, "I start playing field hockey tomorrow, so if I do get put in a boot, I'm taking it off to play on Tuesday nights."  Oh, she loved that one.  

I wonder if she'll weigh me on Friday.  I hate that I never know when she's going to do it.  Oooh, if I have a boot on, that will weigh a lot, which will work in my favor.  Haha.  That would be the ONLY good thing about the boot.

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