Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That's the temperature differential that my body experienced yesterday.  I left my apartment and it felt like 1 degree.  I sat at the beach, where it was 81 degrees.  I'll take 81, thank you very much!!!  It is way better!

I feel fat because I see rolls and love handles.  I had a good run on the beach this morning, even though I feel fat.  Not that one has anything to do with the other.  I guess I need to run more so I can get rid of these love handles.  I have to say, 4 miles on the beach went by so fast.  It is way more fun to run on the beach than it is anywhere else.  I just watch the ocean, which was extremely calm today, and just run.  It's relaxing. 

Today is not a beach day.  It's raining and that means I'm pissed because I'm not getting tan.  Heading out to take care of some stuff though, which is good.  Get that out of the way while it's crappy.  There's a farmer's market about 30 miles away where I can get THE BEST fruit...10 grapefruit for one dollar, and it's SOOO good.  They have a ton of fruits and veggies and everything so so good.

Now, I shall start a puzzle for night time and rainy days.

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