Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Sunday after Thanksgiving

I'm going to get my Christmas tree today.  Hopefully my friend who is taking me will get his ass out of bed soon so we can go and I can get back in time to play field hockey.

There was a really bad train derailment this morning.  It was not on the line that I take, but it was on a line that my friends and Charro take.  Four people were killed, 11 are in critical condition.  63 were injured.  Luckily it was an early Sunday morning so the train was not filled with commuters.  That's a good thing.  Scary stuff.  The train was just a few feet from going into the river.  Maybe 3 feet at the most.  Thank God it was a Sunday and not a weekday morning when everyone is commuting into the city.

Yes, we have enough people to play field hockey!!  Yay, I will get a work out after all.  I was afraid that I might not work out if we didn't play because I knew I wouldn't go to the gym.

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