Thursday, December 12, 2013

That was sweet

I just got a really nice email from Stephanie.  I didn't get to see her today because she wasn't there when I was there.  I emailed her and told her I was bummed that I had missed her.  Her response "Yes, I was also sad that I didn't get to see you and say hello.  I'd love an update if you get a chance."  She went on with a few other things, but I thought that was really nice.  I guess she likes me.  I wish we could go get a cup of coffee or something.  She so won't do that though.  It's weird, I have a few other friends who aren't seeing their therapists anymore and they've gotten together outside of the office.  I have one, who is so eating disordered it's not even funny, who's T "fired" her within the past year and the two of them are getting together to go for a walk the day after Christmas.  What!!!  That's so not fair.  Charro would never do that.  By the way, walking is not something they should be doing because she has the worse exercise problem ever.

So part two of my study was fine.  I hate answering ED questions with the girl.  I said something to answer one of her questions, I don't remember what it was, but she was like, "That's a good thing."  It was some question that showed that my thoughts/actions have changed for the better.  She seemed to sort of actually care what I was saying ED wise, like she understood I guess.

I'm babysitting and tired.  I see Charro in the morning.  I wrote a Christmas song for our sesh tomorrow, which I will sing.  It's about this particular office.  I hate the location, especially right now because it's in the heart of Rockefeller Center.  Ugh,

So that's that.  I think I should be ready for WIF tomorrow, in case that happens.  I'll wear my WIF jeans.

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