Saturday, December 28, 2013

Not hungry

I haven't been really hungry the past few days, which is not something that I will complain about.  I guess it makes up for me being so hungry last week.  I know Charro does not want me to weigh myself at all, but it will happen on Thursday morning before I see my doctor.  Oh well.  I shouldn't do it, but my mind is made up.  I don't really care what it means for me as for as getting better goes.  I must weigh myself.  I'm guessing that she will not weigh me on Friday though.

My ass hurts from sitting on the heating vent, which is where I'm about to go again right now because the heat just turned on.  I should eat lunch at some point, but I'm not hungry.  My parents are going to want to eat out tonight, probably at this Italian place, but I'm not feeling it at all.  I've had way too much Italian food this month.  

I kind of just want to lay on the couch, curled up in a warm blanket, and take a nap.  

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