Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry day after

Christmas has come and gone.  I can't go cold turkey from Christmas music.  They need to wean me off of it.  Thank goodness for CDs and ipods and stuff.  

So yeah, I felt fat and full yesterday.  I wanted to weigh myself to see if I gained 400 pounds.  I still do want to weigh myself and I don't really think that I can go without weighing myself while I'm home.  Let's face if, if I don't weigh myself before Thursday, when I go to the doctor, I will weigh myself that morning.  I need to weigh myself before I go to the doctor because they'll weigh me there, but I'll have clothes on and it won't be accurate.  Plus, I need to see if I'm going to weigh a lot more than I did last time I went.  I don't want a shock factor.

I'm having a phone sesh with Charro tomorrow.  Today is a low key day, which is nice.  Actually, I don't really have much to do while I'm home for the next week, which is nice.  Tomorrow I have stuff in the morning and I also have to try and get in to see another doctor tomorrow, but that's it.

My parents and I are going to eat lunch in a few minutes, I guess.  Leftovers...lots of leftovers.  I think all of this eating will get to me soon and I will end up stepping on the scale.  Charro will not be so thrilled.

I miss Christmas.

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