Monday, December 30, 2013

I like phone sesh's

I am freezing.  I was just at my friend's house and it was 3 degrees in there.

I had a phone sesh with Charro today.  I think I talk more when we talk on the phone.  I think it's easier for me since we're not face to face.  I'll have to bring this up with her on Friday.

I tried, once again, to get her to do away with WIF.  I said, "I think we should stop having WIF."  She didn't agree with that one at all.  She asked if I has stepped on Bertha (my scale) and I said no but told her that I was going to weigh myself before I go to the doctor on Thursday.  I said, I can either tell you today or wait and tell you until Friday, but you're going to know I did it anyway, which is why I told you today.  She said, "well I'm glad that you are honest with me."  She clearly wishes that I wasn't going to weigh myself, but she also said that I did a good job not weighing myself for so long.

I'm heading out to dinner with a friend tonight.  I haven't seen her in a while, so that will be fun.  

I am DREADING the upcoming weather.  It is going to be below zero and I might die.

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