Friday, December 27, 2013

Driving Sesh

I had my phone sesh with Charro while I was driving today.  I don't think she could hear me very well.  I wonder what she does while I'm on the phone with her.  I bet she's multi-tasking.

I think she was surprised that I hadn't weighed myself yet.  I told her that I was going to weigh myself before I see my doctor on Thursday, of course she would love for me not to and would love it if I told them to weigh be blind.  Um, not going to happen.  Dead give away that some thing's up.  

She also talked about how when she runs her groups the people need to eat every thing on their plates.  She said that I need to do that and that a higher level of care would be good for that reason.  She also said that she doesn't think that I need a higher level of care.  I told her that I can't force myself to eat more and eat everything on my own.  Do I think that I would benefit from being somewhere where they forced me to eat everything?  Yes.  Would I do it?  No.

I'm freezing.  

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