Friday, November 15, 2013

WIF, not today

Well, Charro did not weigh me today.  She said,  "Are you wearing your WIF jeans?"  I said, "No, I'm not.  I forgot about my WIF jeans.  I'm going to have to start wearing them every Friday."  She responded with, "If you want to be all eating disordered."  That was at the beginning of our sesh.  I thought she'd weigh me at the end, but she did not.  As I was getting ready to leave she said, "One of these days we're going to weigh you, but I'll keep it a surprise."  (awesome)  I said, "I'll be sure to wear my WIF jeans every Friday then."  She said "You better not."  I said, "What are you going to do, make me take them off."  She goes, "Um, no."  I said, "Exactly!"  

My cat was in my dream last night.  She was so real and it was so nice.  In my dream I knew she was dead, but I could still feel her and see her, like she was real.  I said to my co-worker, because we were in the office with my cat, "I don't care if no one else can see her or feel her, I can and that's all that matters."

I'm starving.  I'm going to lunch with a friend today.  This place I've been dying to try since I found out about it last week.  I mentioned it to Charro and she was like "I've been there."  Geez, really?  She said it's good but wants to know what I think about it.

My arm is going to fall off because I just carried a gallon of paint several blocks.

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