Friday, November 22, 2013

WIF Happens

So Charro was not thrilled with my choice of jeans today.  She's like "I see you wore your WIF jeans."  Yep, I did.  She said she wasn't going to weigh me today and she would next week, but then she changed her mind and said, "No, I need to get a weight on you so I'm going to weigh you today."  She said she was going to weigh my backwards because she said that I need to get use to not knowing my weight "at that moment" and then said, "because I know you weigh yourself anyway."  Then she asked how often I weigh myself and I responded with "when I go home."  She said, "Once a week."  I said, "Twice."  

Moving on, she was not exactly happy with the fact that I actually went on a "diet," but was maybe happy with the fact that I stopped the diet.  I don't know.  She was not very happy with me today.  I HATE when she uses my name too.  It makes everything so serious.

Anyway, she weighed me.  She forgot she was going to weigh me backwards because I stepped on the scale and she didn't make me turn around.  Maybe it's because she has a cold and had the stomach flu this week, her brain's not working right.  Who cares, I stepped on and she didn't make me turn around and my weight was exactly the same.

I stepped off the scale and she said nothing.  I HATE when she says nothing.  I said, "You don't have anything to say?  No comments or statements?  You always says something and I hate when you don't."  She said, "You were the same."  I said, "See, I've been the same for a year."  She said, "Not a year."  That was the end.

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