Friday, November 08, 2013

That was a close call

I totally got of WIF today.  I left my apartment not completely prepared to be weighed, since Charro hasn't weighed me since July and I kept going "ready" to be weighed, only to not get weighed.  So this morning, I was like, eh, I'll just go as is because she won't weigh me.  Well, I get there and we were chatting and she said, "I should weigh you today and we should do it blind."  I said, "No, I don't think so."  She's like, "Yeah, we haven't weighed you in a while and it would be good to do it blind so I have a record and you get use to it."  I was like, "No."  She said, "You didn't come in all prepared."  I said, "No."  Ha.  If only she knew.  So of course I was not really looking forward to that given that I probably wasn't going to be at the weight she says I need to be at.  I drank my water, trying to not be too obvious that I was drinking more than usual.  We kept talking and at the end of the sesh, she was carrying on about something and I was thinking about how I was hoping she wouldn't WIF me.  Well, I saw that time was up and so I stood up and grabbed my stuff and she totally didn't say anything about weighing me, so I quickly put on my coat and got the hell out of there before she remembered that she wanted to weigh me.  YES!! One point for me.  I felt like I totally escaped that one and was lucky to get out without being weighed.  Here's the lesson I take from this, ALWAYS go ready to be weighed, which I have done up until today.  I knew that would happen.

I think I need a nap today.

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