Friday, November 29, 2013

Slight decline

Today started out good and then got progressively worse.  Nothing detrimental or anything but still.  My dad and I cut down our tree and then when my sister saw it when she got home, her boyfriend said that it was small.  I was like, "what?"  So I went out and measured it and he was right, it's only 8 feet tall.  I thought it was at least 10.  So, I am mad about that because I love our big tree and it needs to be perfect, and it's not. It's too short.  

Then I got sick of my relatives.  I was like, "I have to get out of this house."  I didn't think I'd want to come back here but I couldn't wait to.  I think my cat is happy to be back too.  I know he is.  My uncle brought his      dog, and even though she barely moves because she's really old, my cat didn't want to be around her.  Speaking of my cat...I got his blood results.  His kidneys are getting worse so I have to give him his fluids 2-3 times per week.  Two of his liver things were elevated too, which isn't good.  I need to bring him back for blood work in a few months.  Ugh.


AlwaysJoy said...

I'm sorry your kitty isn't better!

PTC said...

Thanks, Always.