Saturday, November 16, 2013

Popcorn and Footloose

Sometimes I wish I could live off of Fireballs, like I did in high school.  I was looking in the mirror today and I am looking pretty fat and gross and I'm so not okay with that.  I hate it.  Being tan makes me look better and right now I'm pasty white.

I just made airpopped popcorn with cayenne pepper.  I put a it too much pepper on it and now my nose is running.  I don't really have anything for dinner so I'll make egg whites on a wrap.  I'll probably do that soon, even though it's not even 4 PM yet.  My lunch wasn't that huge because I ran out of the soup that I made.  I ate the end of it.  It was good too.

I was out late last night and am going out tonight, so I might take a little cat nap.  Charro's favorite movie, Footloose, is on.  It was the first movie she ever went to.  Ha.  I didnt' know Sarah Jessica Parker was in this.

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