Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let the baking begin

The turkey is done.  The cranberry sauce is made.  My license is renewed.  I will make the apple pie and crust after I take my cat to the vet.

Right now, other than feeling a little crampy, I'm feeling okay about tomorrow.  Well, I guess I'm feeling okay because I haven't looked at my stomach.  The minute I do that, it's all downhill from there.  My weight is fine, well, "fine" and I feel okay, so that's good enough for now.  

I feel like time is standing still right now.  I hate having to get my cat into the carrier and I feel so bad having to do that to him again today, since he was in there for a few hours yesterday...and an hour longer than he should have been because we missed the train by 30 seconds.  It was literally pulling away and I was so pissed.  I had a dumbass cab driver who was too busy looking at his phone instead of driving.

I know the gym will be packed tomorrow, it always is.  Actually, maybe people will be out doing the turkey trot.

I could use a nap, but that's not really necessary, nor is it going to happen.

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