Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy T-Day

Happy Thanksgiving to me, since I'm the only one who looks at this. :)  Ha.  I'm hungry and I want to eat now, but I have to wait another hour plus for people to get here.  I had a good run (at the gym).  No way I was going to go outside, it's freezing out.  Now I'm shower and sitting around in my pj pants and sweatshirt.  I'll change before company comes.  I wish I could lounge around in this all day.  That would be nice.

I'm feeling good right now, but maybe that's because I haven't had food shoved in my face yet.  It's an all day event.  Last year we sat at the dinner table for 5 hours.  Yes, 5 hours.  Oh dear.  We have SO MUCH freaking food, it's scary.

I hope anyone who might be reading this has a good, stress free Thanksgiving.


Mira Mesa Denizen said...

I'm reading ...and have read every single post you've written for the past few years :-) (Sorry if that's creepy - I'm not a psychopath, I promise.) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

PTC said...

Hey Mira. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. No, that's not creepy. It's probably creepy that I put my life out to the world. Ha. Thanks for reading. Guess I'm not boring you to death if you're still reading it.