Thursday, November 07, 2013

Charro and Kruger, together

I had a funny dream last night.  Charro and Kruger were in it.  I was out with a bunch of friends and they were out with us.  Everyone was pretty drunk, which is random, but whatever.  I was the only sober one but was acting like a drunk person.  It was like 2 AM and we were all still out and then we had to go back to some one's place to get something or change or something and I was there with Charro, Kruger and two of my friends.  I thought it was a little weird but I also though, "Wow, they're fun and Kruger is actually really funny," which was the most shocking thing to me.  I grabbed my friend and was like "Kruger is really funny and I'm really surprised about that."  I don't really know what happened in the dream, but we were all acting crazy and having a good time.

I'm sure I had this dream because I was on the train with some drunk guys last night.

My friend just called and asked me if I wanted to grab lunch but I declined.  I told her I was waiting for the plumber, which is true, although I don't need to be here for him.  I just don't feel like going out.  I got home after 1 this morning and it's raining out and I just want to stay here until I have to go out later.  

Charro tomorrow.  It's going to be freaking cold so I can wear a lot of layers.

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