Thursday, October 03, 2013

Why does my cat always seem so sad and lonely?  I wonder if he misses his sister.  I miss her...a lot!!!

My glasses are really dirty and scratched and I can't see out of them.  I didn't get a good enough workout today.  I played a little field hockey with my girls and then went and taught aerobics.  I need to do more.  Tomorrow I will not work out, just walk to Charro and back (4 miles) and then to school and back (2 miles).  I just really want to get a concave stomach.

I should write down the stuff that's been going on in my head for my sesh tomorrow.  I'll do that as soon as I finish this post.  I'm baking her a treat for her birthday.  It's not for us to eat together, just for her to eat. 

I can't wait to go to bed.  I think I need to lift weights more often.  I have it in my head that Charro won't weigh me tomorrow, because she hasn't in months, so watch, she'll weigh me.  I'll make sure I'm ready for that.  It's probably the last week that will be warm enough for me to wear shorts, which is good for weigh in purposes, sad because I love summer and heat.  It's much easier to weigh what I "am supposed to" weigh when I have jeans on.

There was random stuff thrown all around in this post.

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