Friday, October 11, 2013

The Skype sesh

I had my Skype sesh with Charro.  It was weird at first, probably because we are in our own homes and all comfy and I can see myself in the screen, which I hate, but I ended up liking it for some of those reason stated...not seeing myself though.

I showed her LB and that was cute.  He was all curled up on my bed sleeping.  She asked if he was really soft, which I thought was funny.

Charro was trying to untangle her necklaces the whole time, which I kept commenting on, and I was twisting myself up in my shirt, which she made fun of.  I could get use to this Skype business.

I brought up WIF, since I was safe in my own apartment and she couldn't weigh me, and she said that it may make an appearance.  I told her that I would buy a scale if she weighed me and she's like "Is that a threat?"  I said, "No, that's the truth.  If you're going to weigh me then I'm buying a scale."  She said she may shake it up a bit and weigh me at the other office.  I reminded her how that didn't really work out last time because she tried to weigh me on the carpet and I weighed "75 lbs" there.  I laughed.  She said, "I'll weigh you in the kitchen (which is a open area, but tile floor) or in the bathroom."  I said, "I don't think so."  I would refuse and it's not like she's going to pick me up and carry me into the bathroom to weigh me.  Let's just say, I'll go in prepared for a "random WIF" next Friday.

I would love if my hip doctor, who I've emailed twice in the past week now, would get back to me.  I would also love it if this knot in my leg would go away!

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