Monday, October 07, 2013

The almost pizza debacle

Getting the pizza was interesting today.  I called the place and they said that they don't do take out orders.  Okay, now it's 11:04 AM and my sesh is at 12.  I was planning on running down there, which is only 3 miles, but at this point I didn't know if I was going to make it there in time to order the pizzas and wait for them.  So, I ran to Grand Central and hopped on the subway and got to the pizza place at 11:36.  I ordered the pizzas and got to Charro's in plenty of time. 

Charro was excited.  We sat at the "kitchen table" and she was like "This is small, you can eat the whole thing."  I said, "No, you only make your group eat 3/4."  She said, "But this is smaller than the ones we order uptown."  I said, "No they're not."  (I have no idea. lol).  So, I got halfway through the pizza and got up to go sit on the couch.  I was doing it jokingly because I wouldn't leave her at the table by herself anyway, but she goes, "Um, where ya going?  You're not done."  I said, "Yeah, I'm full."  She goes, "You still have this much more to eat," then pointed out that her hands were clean because they were sort of on my pizza.  At one point she said, "Can you speed this up?  You have 5 more minutes."  I told her I was going to "throw" only because I know she hates when I say that.  :)  She has now banned me from saying anything that has to do with vomiting.

Friday we are having our Skype session.  That should be funny.

It's so freaking windy out.  I got to school only to find out that practice was canceled.  Glad no one notified me.  I guess walking an extra 2 miles was good for me since I only ran for 20 minutes.  I was going to go running with my friend now but it's pouring out so I wimped out.  I don't mind the rain but I didn't want to get caught in the lightening.

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