Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have to pack for my upcoming trip.  The only thing I hate more than packing is unpacking.  I just checked the weather and it's not going to be as hot as I thought.  I have to rethink my clothing.  I wasn't going to bring very many warm clothes but it looks like I kind of have to.  It's only 61 degrees there now.  It's actually warmer here than it is there, which makes absolutely NO sense.  No sense, I tell ya.  The UV index is decent so I will work on my tan.

I will miss my little man.  My parents are coming to get him and take him home for the week.  It will be weird not having him in bed with me Saturday night and then when I get back.  He'll be much happier being there, with them, than being here all by himself with occasional visitors.  Hopefully he won't run around howling too much.  I cut his fingies so hopefully he won't scratch the furniture too much either. 

I need to do laundry, but someone beat me to the washing machines.  Oh well, they should be done by now.

Maybe I'll get skinny while I'm in Texas, or at least look skinny since "everything is bigger" in Texas.

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