Saturday, October 05, 2013

Almost delivery

I taught aerobics and went for a bike ride today.  It was so nice out.  I'm heading out tonight to hear some live music.  I have to get ready but I don't feel like.  I think my cat is lonely and doesn't want me to leave.  I don't have anything I have to do tomorrow until 3 PM, which is great, then it's field hockey time!  Yay.

Monday I have to pick up pizzas for Charro and me.  Awesome.  She says I have to eat 3/4 of the pizza.  I'm going to pretend she just said 1/2 and hope she forgets.  She said that her ED groups have to eat 3/4 so I'm guessing that she'll remember that that's what she told me.  Doozy.  I'll probably run to my appointment, not because I'm eating pizza, just because it beats going to the gym in the morning.  She's not going to love that and will think that I'm running because of the pizza.  I will have to explain to her, but she won't believe me anyway.  Oh well, she doesn't have to, I guess.  She says that she usually eats the whole thing.  Good for her, she can eat the whole thing, she's tall and thin and apparently hungrier than I am.  I can't help it if I'm not that hungry.  Monday should be interesting.  I can't wait to walk into the waiting room carrying two pizzas, that's not going to look nuts, especially when this other therapist walks out and sees this.  She'll clearly know why I'm there and then she'll think "She's not even skinny, so this doesn't make sense."  Ugh.  I'll have to bring that one up with Charro.  She'll like to delve into that.

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