Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haven't had that question in a while

Someone asked me if I had lost weight yesterday.  I haven't gotten that question in a long time, and yesterday, I liked being asked it.  It's someone I don't know all that well and it caught me off guard, but I wasn't fumbling around for answers like I usually do with people I know better.  I haven't really lost weight, but I'll take it anyway.  Let's just hope Charro doesn't do a surprise WIF tomorrow.

I am going to teach my class tonight dressed up in my costume, although I don't think anyone is going to show up, so I'm thinking that I'll go there for 10 minutes and get paid and then leave.  I'm totally fine with that.

My walk to Charro tomorrow is going to suck because the weather is supposed to be really crappy.  Maybe I'll get lucky and it won't be too bad.  Waking up that early is also going to kill me because I'm still on Central time.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall and cold feet

My feet are freezing.  I'm getting ready to head out in a few minutes.  I've weighed myself a few times since I've been home and I am pleasantly surprised by the number.  Let's hope Charro doesn't decide to have a surprise WIF on Friday.  She still says that she'll do random weigh-ins but hasn't done one yet.  Hopefully this won't be the week, or there will never be a week that she does it.  No need for that.

I'm supposed to go back for a follow-up for this study I did a year ago, but I haven't heard from them yet.  I guess I'll email them next week if I don't hear from them.  Maybe I'll run into Steph.  That would be nice.  

I also filled out a survey to do an online study but I haven't heard back from them so maybe I didn't qualify.  I thought for sure that I would, but I also had an issue receiving their emails so maybe that was the problem too.  Maybe they emailed me the rest of the questions and I just never got them.  Who knows.  Oh well.

Time for a haircut.

Monday, October 28, 2013


I went to the gym this morning, but only for 30 minutes because I slept late and had to get back for work.  I already wrote about that.  I ran to Charro's, but my head felt a little weird so I ended up walking towards the end.  

It was nice to see Charro.  She goes, "Oh, I have something for you.  I've been carrying it around in my purse for two weeks."  It was a card for a free 30 minute medical massage.  She's looking out for my physical health, which is very nice. :)  

So, she told me today that I'm orthorexic.  This is the second time she has said that.  I told her that it's not a real disorder and that I'd rather be anorexic than orthorexic, if I am going to have an ED because at least it's a real one.  She and I discussed that for a bit and then right before I left I said something like, "If I'm going to be that I better starve myself."  I don't remember what I said exactly but she was very intrigued by it and even wrote it down because she said that we need to talk about that on Friday.  She said, "I wish I had time right now because I'd really love to explore that."  That's when she took out her phone and wrote it in her "notes."

I'm hungry but I don't know what I want.

Back to it

I got home late last night to a very stinky apartment.  My friend brought in all my plants and the basil is stinking up the joint.  It smells like cat pee.  I know there is no cat pee here because there were no cats here while I was gone.  It really smells. 

I've had a headache since Wednesday.  Not sure what's up with that.  I am so freaking tired right now too.  I woke up late so I only had a quick workout at the gym.  I'm going to run to Charro's to finish it up.  I think I might fall asleep, at least I can do that on the train later.

I cannot wait to get home and weigh myself.  Actually, I'll only be happy if it's good.  If it's not good, then I will have to fix that.

On my work call now.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Probable stomach grumbles

I'm most likely going to wake up starving tonight since I didn't eat dinner.  No one ate dinner tonight because we had a late lunch and then were out tonight.  Yeah, so I'm already hungry and I'm not sure what's here to eat so I'm not even going to check.  I'll eat in the morning.  I didn't work out today anyway.

Tomorrow I will run or go for a bike ride.  Tomorrow night I head back home. :(  I'll miss my nieces and my bro, but it will be nice to see my kitty boy.

I tried to weigh myself but the scale was very wrong.  I can weigh myself on Monday.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Everything's bigger in Texas, including me

Here's an update, I need to starve myself and get skinny.  My middle is huge and my hamthighs are nasty.  I had to cover them on my flight last Sunday.  I couldn't deal with how huge they are.  Ew.  I look like I'm pregnant all of the time and I hate that.

I'm full from dinner, which wasn't very tasty but whatever.  I've had a headache for three days.  I love hanging with my adorable nieces.  I love them to death.  We have an early morning tomorrow.

I ran and went for a bike ride this morning.  I rode to school to have lunch with my niece.  I had lunch with the younger one yesterday.  They're so cute.

Okay, bed time.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sad Lunch

Well hello, not that anyone's reading, but whatever.  I've left Austin and am now hanging with my brother and his family for the next few days.  Austin was a blast.  I ran twice, saw some cool stuff, sang on stage with 2 guitar players.  I did about 8 or 9 songs, which was pretty cool.  I had 3 hours of sleep that night so I'm still trying to recover.

In other news, my stomach is fat and I need to get rid of it.  I was going to have a phone sesh with Charro tomorrow but I canceled it because I think my bro will be around.  I'll see her on Monday.  I will run tomorrow and bike ride too. 

I went to have lunch with my little niece today and her friend was quite chatty.  She was eating her lunch and said, "I have to eat healthier.  I'm going to the doctor in two months so they can check my weight.  This is the first time they've done that."  I felt SO bad for this girl, who is only 6 years old and not too fat.  Made me sad.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exploring the city

Running is a great way to see a city.  My coworker and I will be heading in a different direction today to check out an area that we told was cool.  It's going to be stinky when I have to run by myself on Thursday.  Oh well.

The weather is great.  I haven't had any freakouts about food/weight stuff, so that's good.  I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like, but I can do that tomorrow night when I leave here. 

I'm going to have to go wake my coworker up so we can go running.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sauna time

Just got back from a run and it was nice because I didn't have to go alone.  It was a good workout.  I am so out of freaking shape, I can't stand it.  I'm about to go in the sauna here at the house.  Bring it on, baby.

I had lunch at 5pm EST, which was 4 PM here, therefore I did not want dinner when we went out for dinner at like 9 PM.  I got dessert and called it a night.  I have a lot of it leftover too.  It was apple pie and it was good.

Okay, time to go steam myself.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Packing break

It's going to be colder down south than I thought it was.  I'm currently packing and am over packing, as usually, but I need to pack business clothes, workout clothes and hanging out clothes.  Not an easy task.  Business and workout attire are done, not for warmer stuff and hanging out stuff.  Black jeans and regular blue jeans.  I need to move onto the shorts.  Bikinis are packed.  I'll just bring two pairs of shorts and keep wearing them, if need be.

I'm tired.  Hopefully I can take a nap before I go out tonight.  I've ordered a car to pick me up in the morning.  I'm good to go.  Have I mentioned how much I hate packing!?  Crap, I need to paint my toe nails.

My parents were here yesterday and stayed over.  It was nice.   I wish they didn't leave so early but I had to teach and they wanted to beat the traffic.  They took my little guy with them, which was very sad.  :(  I miss him but he will be happier at home with people, and running around at my house.

I guess I should get back to packing.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

French fries

It smelled like French fries when I was walking home from the gym.  They smelled really good.  I kept walking, after all, I made 300 pounds of veggie stir fry today.  Ugh, I made way too much and there's no way that I'm going to eat it all before I go away.  I don't even want it anymore.  Maybe my mom will eat it.  I'm guessing that she won't, but whatever.

I'm having a toe situation.  I'm not really sure what it's about and I can't really explain it, but I have a stabbing pain in the pad of my big toe, but only sometimes.  It's weird and I can't figure it out on Google.  Ha.

I need to really get this packing thing happening.  I guess I can do it tomorrow maybe?  Ugh.


I have to pack for my upcoming trip.  The only thing I hate more than packing is unpacking.  I just checked the weather and it's not going to be as hot as I thought.  I have to rethink my clothing.  I wasn't going to bring very many warm clothes but it looks like I kind of have to.  It's only 61 degrees there now.  It's actually warmer here than it is there, which makes absolutely NO sense.  No sense, I tell ya.  The UV index is decent so I will work on my tan.

I will miss my little man.  My parents are coming to get him and take him home for the week.  It will be weird not having him in bed with me Saturday night and then when I get back.  He'll be much happier being there, with them, than being here all by himself with occasional visitors.  Hopefully he won't run around howling too much.  I cut his fingies so hopefully he won't scratch the furniture too much either. 

I need to do laundry, but someone beat me to the washing machines.  Oh well, they should be done by now.

Maybe I'll get skinny while I'm in Texas, or at least look skinny since "everything is bigger" in Texas.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blubbering Over

So I didn't miraculously become thinner or feel thinner over night.  I feel my fat rolls folding over my shorts, which are too tight in the waste band.  I hate these shorts.  I hate the length of them and I hate how tight the waistband is.  I can't roll them because they bunch funny, so that's out of the question.  I'm hoping that they eventually become stretched out in the waistband, like all of my other work out shorts.  Why don't I change, you might ask?  Well, I'm about to go running in the park and I need to wear these because I attach my ipod to my shorts and my other, stretched out shorts, don't hold the ipod all that well.  So I shall stay in my uncomfortable, fat roll blubbering over, shorts. Yuck!  I really can't deal with fat rolls.

I'm hopefully going to run well.  My leg is still a little funky and my hip is burning a bit, but whatever, it is what it is.  I need to run and I need to get my ass into shape.  I plan on playing field hockey with my team today, which means that I have to pack my shin guards and mouth guard.  I worry more about my teeth than my shins, but whatever.  Bring it on!  These girl look at us like we're superstars when we play with them, it's kind of nice. 

That's all I've got.  Oh, I just thought it was Thursday but it's not. :(


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Man Hands

I just love when I feel fat and huge.  Ugh.  I have a feeling that I'm going to spend much of my week next week feeling the same way, since I'll be away on business and I feel like all we do is eat.  I am going to run and am bringing my jump rope.  Maybe next week will jumpstart my running program.  I'll run Monday and Tuesday and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and maybe Sunday but I don't know.  Maybe I can rope my brother into doing some sort of physical activity with me.  I'm sure he won't be up for that.  Ha.

The man on the train with me fell asleep and his hand landed on my thigh.  That was awkward.  I moved and almost sat on his hand, he woke up and moved it.  I probably squished it.

It's so nice to be back with my little guy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rolling, Rolling

My sesh with Charro was good today.  I told her I was annoyed.  That was pretty much the first thing I said when I walked in.  Then I proceeded to tell her all of the people/things that were annoying me.  She goes, "Are you going to get your period?"  I said, "No."  In almost 7 years, she's never asked me that question.  

Oh, so she brought up dating and was like, "Any contenders?  You were on a roll there for a while."  I said, "No" and then she asked about the hot Italian that I met in Little Italy.  I said, "Oh yeah, I forgot about him."  She goes, "You could always have a one night stand."  I said, "I'm not a one night stand kind of gal."  She said, "Oh yeah, that's right.  Remember when you freaked out when I asked you if you kissed a guy?  You don't talk about that stuff."  She's right, I don't.

I had my mom roll my leg out with a rolling pin tonight.  Much better when someone else does it for you.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  Charro said that I HAVE to get this taken care of and I should "go for a professional massage and not to someone in China town."  Ha.  She knows me too well.  

I guess I'll go to bed now because I'm meeting my friend at the gym in the morning.  Hopefully she won't oversleep like last time.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Out of shape

I'm annoyed that I haven't heard from my hip doctor, when it says on the site that they'll get back to you within two business days.  I'm also annoying that I haven't heard from my landlord lady, who I've emailed twice since August.  She's a pain in the ass anyway and she never responds to anything.  I'm going to write a nasty note next time I send my rent check in.

I want my flat stomach back and I want to be in awesome shape.  I need someone to train me and force me to get into awesome shape.  I saw this soccer chick training and doing sprints today and it was so depressing because I'm not in that kind of shape.  All of us field hockey girls were like, "well that's depressing."  I just feel fat and out of shape.

Dancing Queen

I decided last night, upon walking back from a party, that I need to move more...aka, workout more or walk more, but mostly work out more to burn more calories because I'm eating more than I use to.  Yep, clearly a disordered thought, but it is what it is.  Charro said that it would be great for me, when I go away next week, to not work out at all.  I was like, "Do you want to receive 47 emails from me?"  I will be on a business trip and my boss rents a house, so I'm in a house with 10 of my co-workers for 4 days.  That's 4 days of eating and doing everything together.  I will have my jump rope and sneakers with me!!  My boss already told me he wanted to run together, so that's good, yet not really comfortable because then we have to talk the whole time.  I don't know what we'll talk about.  I love talking when I run, but not with my boss.  Ha.

People at the party I was at last night kept telling me what a great dancer I am.  I laughed hysterically.  Actually, one girl came up to me and asked me if I was a dancer.  I cracked up and said, "What?"  I am the worst dancer.  I definitely have rhythm, but I can't dance, which is why it was so funny that people kept telling me they loved my dancing.  Perhaps they were making fun of me.  :)

Why does my cat howl all of the time?

I had a dream that Charro offered to pick me up in her car and drive me to her office.  She was like, "you have to keep this on the DL."  I was like, "yeah, obviously."  She felt bad because she had to cut my sesh short by 35 minutes so she wanted to make it up to me the following week by picking me up and starting our sesh early. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Skype sesh

I had my Skype sesh with Charro.  It was weird at first, probably because we are in our own homes and all comfy and I can see myself in the screen, which I hate, but I ended up liking it for some of those reason stated...not seeing myself though.

I showed her LB and that was cute.  He was all curled up on my bed sleeping.  She asked if he was really soft, which I thought was funny.

Charro was trying to untangle her necklaces the whole time, which I kept commenting on, and I was twisting myself up in my shirt, which she made fun of.  I could get use to this Skype business.

I brought up WIF, since I was safe in my own apartment and she couldn't weigh me, and she said that it may make an appearance.  I told her that I would buy a scale if she weighed me and she's like "Is that a threat?"  I said, "No, that's the truth.  If you're going to weigh me then I'm buying a scale."  She said she may shake it up a bit and weigh me at the other office.  I reminded her how that didn't really work out last time because she tried to weigh me on the carpet and I weighed "75 lbs" there.  I laughed.  She said, "I'll weigh you in the kitchen (which is a open area, but tile floor) or in the bathroom."  I said, "I don't think so."  I would refuse and it's not like she's going to pick me up and carry me into the bathroom to weigh me.  Let's just say, I'll go in prepared for a "random WIF" next Friday.

I would love if my hip doctor, who I've emailed twice in the past week now, would get back to me.  I would also love it if this knot in my leg would go away!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Too late for a "real" dinner

I should probably eat something for dinner, but it's late now and I don't want to.  I'm not starving and I did have a little snack when I got home a little while ago, so I don't really think I need to eat anything for a real dinner.  I'll probably go to bed soon, so there's no real need.  I don't need much energy to sleep for 9 hours. 

I have one of those painful zits in my ear.  I wish I could see it.

Skype sesh with Charro tomorrow.  I don't know if I'll go to the gym first or not.  I may just go after or have that be my day off.  Speaking of knots, mine is still going strong in my IT Band.  I can't roll it out anymore.

My cat meows all the time now and I don't know why.

Stupid insurance.  Mine is messed up and I don't want to call about it because I'm afraid they'll make me pay more.  So my insurance will only pay $51 of my sesh with Charro, but when I got my statement for last month I noticed it payed $63 dollars.  Weird!  So I looked and for July and August it payed $63 dollars.  The "allowed coverage" was 100%, which is 90 dollars.  That was for July and August, therefore it only cost me $27/sesh.  I didn't want to call about it because I was getting more money back.  Well, I just looked at my September statement and it's back to only "allowing" $74 dollars instead of the full $90, which means it's back to only paying $51.  I don't get it.  I'm going to ask Charro, not like she'll have any answers for me, but still.  That probably made no sense.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Knot again

I have another knot in my left.  It's right in my IT Band, which is a painful spot in general, so having a knot in there is not fun.  I rolled on it for a while this afternoon and I just got home and rolled on it again, but only for about 2 seconds because it's so painful to try and work out.  I got some muscle rub, so maybe that will numb it out a little so I can rub it out more.

I emailed my hip doctor again today because I never got a response.  I emailed her on Friday and it says they'll respond within 2 business days, but that didn't happen so I emailed again today.  Hopefully I'll hear from her tomorrow.

There are a couple of girls who I coach who are little sticks.  I feel huge near them. One of them told me I needed to eat some of the desserts that they brought because I was skinny.  Um, okay, look who's talking here...skinny minny.

I want to go to bed early tonight.  I'm not really hungry so I don't know what I'll have for dinner, nothing big, that's for sure.  I need to get some fruit.  I need to vacuum tonight too.  I'll do that soon.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Most likely a fleeting thought

I like the way my stomach looks right this second.  I say "right this second" because in 3 minutes I might not like the way it looks.  It looks and feels nice and flat right now.  Does that really matter in the grand scheme of my life?  No, but it still does matter a lot to me.  Yep, it does, call it what you want.  I wish I could feel like this all the time and like my stomach all of the time.  It actually makes me want to do some ab exercises.  I just got home from the gym but I did cardio and weights, no abs.  I'm sure this feeling will disappear as soon as I eat.

So after several years of observation, and only a few times of walking behind Charro, have I completely concluded that she walks like a duck.  I do not mean that in a mean way, like it sounds, but she does.  Her feet point out when she walks.  That's all I really have to say about that.

I guess I need to send Charro an invite for Skype, since we are chatting on Friday.  That's still so weird.

Monday, October 07, 2013

The almost pizza debacle

Getting the pizza was interesting today.  I called the place and they said that they don't do take out orders.  Okay, now it's 11:04 AM and my sesh is at 12.  I was planning on running down there, which is only 3 miles, but at this point I didn't know if I was going to make it there in time to order the pizzas and wait for them.  So, I ran to Grand Central and hopped on the subway and got to the pizza place at 11:36.  I ordered the pizzas and got to Charro's in plenty of time. 

Charro was excited.  We sat at the "kitchen table" and she was like "This is small, you can eat the whole thing."  I said, "No, you only make your group eat 3/4."  She said, "But this is smaller than the ones we order uptown."  I said, "No they're not."  (I have no idea. lol).  So, I got halfway through the pizza and got up to go sit on the couch.  I was doing it jokingly because I wouldn't leave her at the table by herself anyway, but she goes, "Um, where ya going?  You're not done."  I said, "Yeah, I'm full."  She goes, "You still have this much more to eat," then pointed out that her hands were clean because they were sort of on my pizza.  At one point she said, "Can you speed this up?  You have 5 more minutes."  I told her I was going to "throw" only because I know she hates when I say that.  :)  She has now banned me from saying anything that has to do with vomiting.

Friday we are having our Skype session.  That should be funny.

It's so freaking windy out.  I got to school only to find out that practice was canceled.  Glad no one notified me.  I guess walking an extra 2 miles was good for me since I only ran for 20 minutes.  I was going to go running with my friend now but it's pouring out so I wimped out.  I don't mind the rain but I didn't want to get caught in the lightening.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Pizza Day

I should probably eat dinner, but I'm not really feeling it.  I had a yogurt.  I should eat something else but I don't really know what I want.  I could eat some fruit, but I'm not really in the mood.

I've been busy posting my photos up on a site so I can try and sell them.  That would be a nice thing.

I played field hockey this afternoon, which was super fun, as always! 

Tomorrow I will eat pizza with Charro, which will not be super fun.  My eye is so itchy, it's going to fall out.  I wonder if I'm going to feel like puking after this pizza lunch?  I'm clearly not going to make myself puke, but I wonder if I will be so full that I will feel like it.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Almost delivery

I taught aerobics and went for a bike ride today.  It was so nice out.  I'm heading out tonight to hear some live music.  I have to get ready but I don't feel like.  I think my cat is lonely and doesn't want me to leave.  I don't have anything I have to do tomorrow until 3 PM, which is great, then it's field hockey time!  Yay.

Monday I have to pick up pizzas for Charro and me.  Awesome.  She says I have to eat 3/4 of the pizza.  I'm going to pretend she just said 1/2 and hope she forgets.  She said that her ED groups have to eat 3/4 so I'm guessing that she'll remember that that's what she told me.  Doozy.  I'll probably run to my appointment, not because I'm eating pizza, just because it beats going to the gym in the morning.  She's not going to love that and will think that I'm running because of the pizza.  I will have to explain to her, but she won't believe me anyway.  Oh well, she doesn't have to, I guess.  She says that she usually eats the whole thing.  Good for her, she can eat the whole thing, she's tall and thin and apparently hungrier than I am.  I can't help it if I'm not that hungry.  Monday should be interesting.  I can't wait to walk into the waiting room carrying two pizzas, that's not going to look nuts, especially when this other therapist walks out and sees this.  She'll clearly know why I'm there and then she'll think "She's not even skinny, so this doesn't make sense."  Ugh.  I'll have to bring that one up with Charro.  She'll like to delve into that.

Friday, October 04, 2013

And then I realized...

I was walking home tonight and I realized that I don't have to have dinner if I don't want to.  What a great realization.  No one can make me and if I'm not hungry, I don't need to eat.  So, I did what every fine American would do when they're in the mood for chocolate, and not dinner...I melted chocolate chips and dipped a banana into it.  Dinner of champions.  Not low calorie, but not all that bad either, if it's all that I'm having.  Whatever.

Okay, I think I'll do laundry tonight.  I thought I was going out on a date but I guess not.  I got invited to this girl's birthday thing at a bar but I don't really like her so I'm not going, hence why I didn't call her my friend.  Ha.

Pizza Monday, maybe?

I seriously need to do laundry.  It will happen at some point soon, I guess. 

No WIF today.  I think Charro's done weighing me, which makes me really, really, really happy.  She hasn't weighed me since July, that's a long time ago. :)

My hip is an issue today.  I want to twist it and pop it so it feels better.  It doesn't hurt, it's just tight or something.

I'm having a Skype sesh with Charro next Friday.  That's going to be funny and weird.  I think it might freak me out a little.

We're supposed to have a pizza eating day, which might be Monday.  I forgot to ask her today so I guess I should email her.  I guess I should do that now.

It's so gorgeous out!!!!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Why does my cat always seem so sad and lonely?  I wonder if he misses his sister.  I miss her...a lot!!!

My glasses are really dirty and scratched and I can't see out of them.  I didn't get a good enough workout today.  I played a little field hockey with my girls and then went and taught aerobics.  I need to do more.  Tomorrow I will not work out, just walk to Charro and back (4 miles) and then to school and back (2 miles).  I just really want to get a concave stomach.

I should write down the stuff that's been going on in my head for my sesh tomorrow.  I'll do that as soon as I finish this post.  I'm baking her a treat for her birthday.  It's not for us to eat together, just for her to eat. 

I can't wait to go to bed.  I think I need to lift weights more often.  I have it in my head that Charro won't weigh me tomorrow, because she hasn't in months, so watch, she'll weigh me.  I'll make sure I'm ready for that.  It's probably the last week that will be warm enough for me to wear shorts, which is good for weigh in purposes, sad because I love summer and heat.  It's much easier to weigh what I "am supposed to" weigh when I have jeans on.

There was random stuff thrown all around in this post.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Busta run

I just went for a run on this beautiful October day.  I am so freaking out of shape.  What is up with that?  I'm definitely not overtraining, so it's not that.  I'm just out of shape.  My heart rate was 179 while I was running, my legs were tired and I was sucking wind.  That is not okay!  I'm supposed to be in shape and I'm not quite sure why I'm not.  My hamstring hurts a little from when I pulled it like 6 weeks ago, but that's not that problem.  I didn't walk all over creation the past few days, so that's not that problem.  What is the problem?  I'm not okay with it.  This winter I need to get my ass on the treadmill at least twice a week, which is not a lot, and run for an hour.  How BORING!!!  I teach aerobics two days, will run two days, and do the elliptical two days.  I'll take one day off, the day I walk to Charro.  I wonder if the issue is that I walk so many miles per week, on top of working out.  Some weeks I end up walking at least 20 miles, which is why my legs are tired, I guess.  Then I stand outside coaching, which doesn't help I guess.  I just need to get into shape, no excuses!  It's depressing.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I wonder if Charro is doing the NEDA walk on Sunday.  My guess is no, especially since it's her birthday weekend.  I'll have to make a treat to bring to her on Friday, for her Australian birthday.  I'll ask her if she's doing the walk, but she also moved, so she doesn't live in Brooklyn anymore, where the walk is, so that's another reason why I don't think she'd be doing it.  I'm not doing it because I don't want to be around a bunch of people who will then think I have an ED because I'm there walking.  Yep, I know...

It sounds like there's a bird in my house.  I can't wait to get back and see my kitty.

The weather is SO beautiful.  I'll go for a run in the park in the morning, which I'll most certainly not look forward to, but I need to get fitter.  I hate this body situation I'm having right now.  Charro says it's not my body but the way I think about it.  Whatevs.

I told Charro how my love handles were bouncing all over the place when I was on the bus the other night.  I told her that I said that to my friend and my friend said that hers were too.  Charro goes, "Are you sure she didn't think you were talking about your boobs?"  I said, "I don't have any boobs."  She sort of laughed at that and then said, "I can't believe I just said that."  She's nuts, which is probably why I like her so much.  Ha.

Someone just texted me but I don't want to get up to see who it was.