Monday, September 23, 2013


I brought up Kelly Ripa in my sesh with Charro today.  She said that I have a totally different body than Kelly.  I said, "Who knows if I do or not?"  Charro goes,  "Have you seen Kelly Ripa when she's healthy?  She a voluptuous lady."  I said, "So am I."  Charro laughed and said, "I'm sorry, that's just not the case.  (Laughing)  We just have to call a spade a spade sometimes, right."  It was pretty funny.

Charro said I could live the orthorexic lifestyle and I said, "At least I'm not living the anorexic lifestyle."  She goes, "The line is blurred."  That's when I said, "I don't look like Kelly Ripa."

I'm tired.  I have to get changed and leave in 20 minutes.  I guess that means I should get up.

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