Sunday, September 01, 2013

Thirsty cat

I have numb toe.  I always get numb toe.  I think it's the one a broke a few years ago, but I can't really tell, it may be the one next to it.  Weird.

My cat woke me up this morning, which I was not pleased about.  It's thundering.  He's drinking out of the toilet.  He won't drink out of his water bowls, I guess he just likes toilet bowls.  He is so thirsty, I know he is, and he needs to drink because of his kidneys.

The weather totally sucks.  Seriously, I just want to lay out in the sun all weekend and that's not happening.

I love having a scale here.  I've weighed myself a bunch of times already.  At first, I liked the number, and now I don't.  I mean, it's not eating me up but I'd prefer it to be different.

I hope I don't seen "Mean Debbie" at the gym this morning.  I really dislike her.  I guess I can be really catty and say that I look better than she does.  :)  Hopefully someone fun will be there because it is the most boring place in the world.  I call it the "geriatric gym."

I need to paint my nails and maybe make chocolate chip cookies today.  Other than that, I have nothing going on. 

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