Saturday, September 14, 2013

Need a flat stomach

I saw an ED therapist on the street the other day.  I've seen her a few times before.  How do I know she's an ED therapist, you might ask?  Well, she was on one of the therapists on an ED show.  I've emailed back and forth with her about being in her group, but I just can't make it work and I don't think I would want to go to a group anyway.

I ate a salad today and it totally bothered my stomach.  I was at a friend's house so I didn't really care if it messed with my colitis.  It wasn't too bad though. 

I got to hold the most adorable kitten ever.  A little fluffy 4 week old kitty.  She was found when she was days old.  I wanted to steal her from my friend.  I cannot stress how cute she was.

My stomach feels huge from the salad.  I need to get it nice and flat for my stupid bikini sesh on Monday. 

I have a friend coming to stay with me for a few weeks this week.  Ugh, there goes the little space that I have. 

What if Charro thinks I'm huge?  Ugh, this isn't going to be pleasant. 

Charro told me where she moved to, which I thought was interesting.  Hmm. 

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