Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crazy Bertha

My scale at home has gone mad.  I don't know which number is right.  It keeps giving me a million different readings.  I stepped on and off it like 10 times today and kept getting different numbers.  This is not okay.  I have no idea how much I weigh.  This makes me want to get a new scale for my apartment, since Bertha is the only one I have right now and that's not at my apartment.

So I agreed to wear a bikini top at my sesh next Monday.  What the hell was I thinking??  I was telling Charro about my fat rolls and how I hate my stomach, blah blah, and how disgusted she'd be if I had to sit there with her seeing them.  Fast forward a bit and now I'm going to be wearing a bikini top.  Okay, that's going to be awkward.  I'm going to tell her that I need to lay down so it's like I'm laying out, so it seems less awkward...and makes me look a lot thinner.  She's going be to thinking how fat I am and how I don't need to be in there for an ED because I clearly eat.  Ugh.

Charro was funny yesterday.  Twice she thought she had a bug on her and freaked out.  Ha.  Once it was the string her skirt.  I just gave her a look and laughed.  I make fun of her sometimes, which it totally okay.

Something else happened yesterday during our sesh but I don't remember what it was.  Hmm.  I'm tired.  I need a new scale.  I need to have a concave stomach.  Oh, I just had lunch with my parents and I didn't even eat lunch, nor did they say anything to.  They both made their lunches and I sat here and no one asked what I was having, which is unusual.  My dad gave me his peppers because he doesn't like peppers, so I ate those. 

Oh, so I said to Charro (regarding the bathing suit), "What if I flash you?"  She said, "Well you already did so it's okay.  Remember?"  I said, "Do I remember?  I'm still traumatized from that. 

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