Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three reasons

I wanted to throw up for several reasons tonight.  First, because I felt huge, even though I know I ate a healthy dinner and not a large amount of food.  I haven't felt like that in a long time and I didn't feel overly full either, which makes it even stranger.  The second reason was because someone was cutting their nails on the train...NOT okay!  The third reason was because I spotted the man next to me, after hearing someone cut their nails, who had longer nails than I have, and mine are pretty long.  He needs to borrow that other person's clippers.  JUST GROSS.

I need to go to bed soon.  I have to get up and run, go to practice, go to Charro, go play field hockey, if we have enough people, shower and go to bed.  I can't decide if I should run outside or inside.  Oh yeah, I decided on inside because I don't want to go to the park twice tomorrow.  Hopefully hockey won't get canceled.

I bought new treats for my cat.  He seems to like them.

I had a dream Charro and I did our sesh outside, walking.  I was a much better talking while we were walking and I said, "See how much better I talk when we're walking?"  I think it would actually be true because we wouldn't be sitting face to face.

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