Monday, August 12, 2013

The Face comes back

My sesh with Charro was not fun, which is usually the case when she tells me things that I don't want to hear...aka, things that are true.  Brilliant me decided to bring in my list of physical activity from last week.  She said it was excessive, I don't think it was.  She said, not that I haven't hear this from her before, "You are a compulsive walker!"  Yes, I do walk more than the average person.  Yes, some times I do walk for exercise.  Most of the time I walk because I don't want to pay for the subway or the bus.  I tell her this all the time, if I had an unlimited metro card, I would not walk nearly as much as I do.  (I do not have one because they are very expensive).  Maybe I will bring this up with her again on Friday.  She doesn't believe me that it's mostly for financial reasons.  It adds up.  By walking to my sesh on Mondays I save $125/year.  That's a good amount.  I also walk on Fridays, so I save $250 a year just by walking to my sesh's with her.  Those little things add up.

I kind of feel like she's thinking she's not doing anything for me and there's no need for me to be there.  She kind of have that tone going today.  She was giving me there, "I can't do it for you" lecture and then said, "Most people, after 6 years, can see that they at least have a problem," pointing out the fact that I still don't really see that.  Not a fun day at the office.

Oh yeah, she was not thrilled by the fact that I ran there either.  I try to point out that I actually do less physical activity for the day when I run there than when I walk there, but she doesn't get it.  

Sometimes I get frustrated because she thinks I'm making excuses for things when I'm not.  I can see how she would think that because it's a disordered thing to do, but I'm truly not, especially with the subway thing.  I need to talk to her about that on Friday.  

I make "The Face" when she says things I don't want to hear.  I made "The Face" a lot today.  She was like "I'd love to know what the face is all about."  Me too!

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