Friday, August 23, 2013

Running into people

Sometimes I'm pretty good at running into people and I seem to be on a streak.  Last night, I was in a rush to get home because I had to be somewhere, and I ran into two people who I know who I stopped to speak with, then I ran into a third, who lives in my building who I pretended not to see because I didn't have time to stop.  I don't think he saw me.  This morning I ran into one of my Charro's building.  UGH.  It's a medical building so there are a bunch of different types of doctors there, but I'm pretty sure she was going to the psych department for a 10 AM group.  Why do I think this?  Well, she's bipolar and is very open about seeing therapists and stuff, and was even in a magazine talking about her bipolar.  This is just awesome because now there is the possibility that I will see her every Friday.  Not okay.  She didn't know where I was coming from because we saw each other in the hall, and we spoke, but what if she sees me coming out of the psych department?  She'd figure it out anyway, if we keep seeing each other in the hall because no one goes to the dentist of the obgyn every week.  Blah.

I'm thirsty.

Charro didn't weigh me again.  This is so unusual and I'm not sure what to make of it.  I'm in that office twice next week so she has the chance to do it on Wednesday, which is her favorite day to weigh me, or Friday.  I bet we have WIW, which would suck because I won't have proper attire on for that.  She'll be like "You lost a lot of weight" and then I'll be screwed.  I'll pray for no WIW.

I'm still thirsty.

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