Saturday, August 17, 2013

Perfect Paw Print

I got my little squishes paw print today.  It is absolutely beyond beautiful and perfect.  The girl did such an amazing job.  It's a beach scene, with a palm tree of course, and the imprint of her paw and her name on top.  It is awesome.  I love it so much.  It makes me so happy.  I'm just going to be super paranoid of it breaking now.

So Charro caught me in a shoe change yesterday.  I was in the hallway changing into my flip flops and she walked out the secret employee door and saw me.  I was only changing into my flip flops because if she was going to weigh me, I would wear them on the scale rather than get on there barefoot.  If I had socks on (because I take my shoes off) then I would have been screwed and had nothing but socks on my feet.  If I have my flip flops on, it will give me a little extra weight.

Speaking of weight, it's back down to what it was, so my earlier in the week freak out was for nothing, I guess.  I guess I should be use to that by now, after 20 years of this.  I think I really need to buy a scale this week.  I'm trying not to give into it, but I think I might.  If I was sure that Charro was not going to weigh me, then I wouldn't get one, but I can't be so sure of that.  She better not weigh me on Wednesday night when I see her.

I have the worst garlic breath right now.

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