Saturday, August 24, 2013

No Title Saturday

I need to put some lotion on.

I had a dream that Charro was at my house to have a sesh.  She showed up with two other people, I'm not sure what their jobs were but they were there to help run the sesh with her.  We were standing in my garage and my mom came out, so I made them all hide in the garage.  My mom saw them and asked me if I always work with so many people.  I said, "No, it's usually just Charro."  She said, "You know, I had the same issues when I was younger."  I was shocked and couldn't wait to run back and tell Charro.  (In real life, my mom did not).  So I went back to Charro and we started having a sesh.  I don't really remember what happened after that because next thing I knew, I was swimming in a pool with people and Charro was no longer there.  Same dream or different dream, I don't know.

Today I'm going to enjoy the roof after I work out.  I may meet up with one friend later and then having dinner with some others tonight.

I need to brush my teeth.  I need to try and fatten my cat up, which I'm not really sure I can do and I'm not sure it's possible.  He needs to put on a pound or two.

I can't wait to nap on the roof.  I got new sneakers yesterday and I can't wait to run in them.  Yay. 

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