Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just some cheese

I lucked out, I didn't have to eat dinner at my friend's last night.  Here's the deal, they asked me to join them for dinner and a movie.  I opted out of the movie because I'm not a huge fan and told them I'd join them for dinner.  Well, I didn't know they were going to the movies first.  Anyway, dinner ended up being at 9:30 PM (who can wait that long to eat?) and one of the girls cooked.  I met them at her apartment and she started cooking at 9:30 PM.  I was not hungry so I was going to have to eat to be polite, but then she asked me if I ate squid and I said no.  She offered to make me plain spaghetti but I said, "That's okay, don't worry about me. Seriously."  So I didn't have to eat.  She put out some cheese so I ate a little of that and called it a night.  Yay for me.  I did have food around 6:30 PM, so it's not like I didn't eat.

I went for a little 30 minute run this morning and then am going to play field hockey later.  The roof is calling my name...and a nap is too.  I hope I don't have an annoying lady next to me, like I did yesterday, who was speaking half English and have Hebrew on the phone for over two hours.  Please pick one language and stick with it.  A lot of Hispanic people work at my gym and I think it's so funny when they're switch from English to Spanish mid sentence.  Not so funny when you're on the roof, trying to relax, and people talk on the phone the whole time.


Lisa said...

hey, sorry I've been so MIA. I've def missed reading your posts. I've read a few of the ones I've missed and it seems like you're doing better! Stay strong!

PTC said...

Hey Lisa,

How's it going? Yeah, I guess I am, most days. :) Hope you're well.