Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dinner at 10, no way!

Here's what came out of my sesh with Charro today...She said I have to eat dinner after 9 PM before I see her on Friday.  What?  Who the hell eats dinner that late.  At first she said 10 PM and I just gave her a look and said, "That is never going to happen."  Let's be honest, 9 PM really isn't going to happen either.  She said it has to be a "big" dinner and then used her hands to show me the size of the plate.  I said, "So like veggie stirfry."  She goes, "With rice?"  I said, "No noodles."  She said that that was okay and then she asked what my protein source was.  Before I could answer she said, "Ice cream."  I don't even know if I responded to that, but does she think I'm going to go out and buy ice cream??  Seriously.  I don't think so.  This is not making me too happy.  She also said my eating seems to be very disordered, or something like that.  At least she didn't weigh me.  I don't know when she's going to pull this random weigh-in crap but I'm sick of not knowing when it's going to happen and the one time I'm not ready for it is the time it happens.  Ugh.

I told Charro about my former player who I saw there on Friday.  She said she knows who it is.  Then she said, "She's been coming here for a while and this is the first time you see her so you probably won't run into her all of the time."  Then she said, "There are a lot of doctors in here, she could think you were coming from dentistry."  I said, "Not if I see her every Friday and what if I see her in HERE?!"  She said, "Well, the group starts at 10 that she goes to so you can just go hang out somewhere down the hall the other way until 10:10 so you don't see her.  Ugh, I really don't need to worry about seeing her every Friday now.  That would not be cool.

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