Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Computer search

My computer is about to shit the bed.  Let's just say that the screen is detaching from the keyboard.  It's not pretty.  I came back to my apartment and moved it and it nearly fell off.  I sent a picture of it to my sort of boss, in hopes that he'll tell me that they'll get me a new one.  I tried taping it, but I don't think it's doing anything.  I have to be extra gentle with it.  I need to get all of my pictures off of it before it craps out.  I started doing that a while ago and when I stuck my flash drive in my computer the other day it said it wasn't readable.  So now the flash drive is broken, which means nothing is saved.  Ugh.  I ordered a new one the other day and it's on the way.  Hopefully it will be here tomorrow and I can copy all of my pictures, especially the ones of my cat.  :(  I can't lose pictures of her.  I hope I can get these things done before my computer craps out.

Okay, I need to computer search.

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